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50e1a19124d9d Board members who were elected in November 2012 recite their oath of office. Andy Grosshans (left) and Alan Retzlaff (right) were elected to serve another term. Cheryl Landon (center) is beginning her first term as a school board member.
Board members who were elected in November 2012 recite their oath of office. Andy Grosshans (left) and Alan Retzlaff (right) were elected to serve another term. Cheryl Landon (center) is beginning her first term as a school board member.

District News Update 1-8-13

January 08, 2013

School is back in session for 2013! This edition of the district news update contains:

1. 2012 School District Annual Report

2. Information regarding the district's master facility plan, which includes safety and security components.

3. Updates on facility projects

4. Making up "snow days" from first semester.

Congratulations to Brad Scheuler. He is the newest addition to the Waverly High School Wall of Fame. He scored a 32 on the ACT exam.

Click to view photos from Eagle Elementary Books and Bagels and Moms 

The District News Update on 12-28-12 includes information about school improvement, a financial update, and the school community partnership for essential planning. 

January 2013 Board of Education Meeting

The Board of Education met on January 7. As part of the annual reorganization meeting, the board welcomed newly elected member Cheryl Landon. Officers for 2013 are Andy Grosshans as President,  Bruce Sedivy as Vice President,  Alan Retzlaff as Treasurer and Dave Doran as Secretary.

During each monthly meeting a presentation is given. Mr. Cooper, Waverly Middle School Principal, and Ms. Wilcox, WMS teacher, presented information regarding curriculum and instruction actions that are occurring to improve student academic achievement at Waverly Middle School.    

The superintendent reported on federal health care regulations and potential impact for school districts; Waverly Middle School principal selection process; federal tax changes that impact district payroll have been implemented; NASB state conference feedback regarding District 145 presentations was positive. 

Committee report was received from Building/Grounds/Transportation. Waverly High School exterior windows that were scheduled to be replaced has occurred over winter break. This was next phase of the moisture remediation project that started last summer.

The Board action included:

1. Approve the amendment to the 2012-13 budget to increase the bond fund by $3,405,000 to reflect the call for redemption of the Series 2008 General Obligation Bonds and the issuance of the Series 2013 General Obligation Refunding Bonds. The Bond Fund budget will be increased from $4,675,459 to $8,080,459. This action was necessary after last month's approval of refinancing these bonds at a lower interest rate. The bonds will be paid off in 2016, but by refinancing again the taxpayers of the district will save approximately $130,000.

2. Approve the second reading of  Board Policy 8260 Board Member Code of Ethics and Protocol.

3. Approve approve the first reading of Internal Board Policy 8310 Formulation of Policies, 8320 Formulation of Administrative Regulations, 8330 Role and Function of Board Meetings, 8340 Meeting Types. 

4. Approve an agreement with DLR Group to update the master facility plan. This includes student population projections, an evaluation of our “big ticket” list to gather additional information about infrastructure items to help us with future planning. They will provide a security and access control assessment of our buildings. This information will help determine our options in regards to school safety, including cost estimates.

5. Approve student/staff make-up dates for the 2012-13 school calendar due to school cancellations that occurred during first semester. Students missed 3 1/2 days first semester. Three days will be made up on Friday, March 1, and Thursday-Friday May 23-24. This is a change from the original calendar, which listed March 7 as a possible make-up date. The reason for this change is an Eastern Midlands Conference band contest was scheduled on March 7 at Waverly Middle School. It is not feasible to host this event and have school at the same time. The calendar approved for this school year lists additional make-up days as May 28-30. If additional days of school with students are missed during second semester, the board will determine if those days will be made up. 

The state of Nebraska requires a minimum of 1030 hours of instruction for elementary students and 1080 hours for secondary students. Each year we exceed the minimum hours requirement. Lost instructional time between students and teachers equals missed opportunities for student learning. 

6. Authorized the board of education president to send written correspondence to a parent regarding a complaint that was presented at the December 3, 2012 meeting. 

7. Approved to proceed with heating and cooling upgrades for Hamlow Elementary. 

A decision was necessary because one heating/cooling unit at Hamlow has not been operating properly since the spring of 2012. Attempts to fix the unit have proven unsuccessful. Replacement of the roof-top unit that provides heat/cooling for the commons area, offices, and music room is estimated to cost over $120,000. There are several other roof-top units at Hamlow that are the same model and age that are nearing the end of their life expectancy. 

The Board needed to select a solution. The short-term solution would be to replace the multi-zone unit with another unit that would have a "life expectancy" of approximately 15 years. As individual rooftop units (there are 11 total currently on the roof at Hamlow) begin to fail, each one would be replaced as necessary over the next few years. If a unit fails during the winter, it would take several weeks, if not months, to install a replacement roof-top unit. 

Multi-zone roof-top units are no longer available so a single-zone unit would need to be installed; duct work would need to be modified/replaced in the ceiling to direct heat from the single zone to multiple classrooms. Last year $40,000 at Hamlow was spent for maintenance costs for roof-top units. Electrical costs last fiscal year at Hamlow were $68,528 and natural gas was $30,323. 

The Board of Education chose to proceed with the conversion to a geothermal system, which is a long-term solution that should meet the heating/cooling needs at Hamlow Elementary for several decades. This system is estimated to reduce these utility costs significantly each year, as well as drastically reduce maintenance costs. 

The geothermal system price tag will be paid with bonds issued by the Board over the next ten years at historically low interest rates. The more "environmentally friendly” system, over the long term, will cost less than sticking with roof top units. It will provide greater efficiency and cost savings for long term. 

Funding the project requires issuing bonds. By state statute, school districts are allowed to use their authority, (not to exceed a levy of $.052) for these type of projects. This project will require an increase in the district tax levy in September 2013, possibly as much as $.015, dependent upon final costs of the project and taxable property valuation of the district. When the bonds are paid off in ten years, there should still be an additional 20-30 years of use remaining in the system. 

8. Approved the 2012 District Annual Report. Click to download a copy of the 2012 Annual Report.

The board discussed:

A. The School Community Partnership for Essential Planning Process. The next step is to conduct a planning session with the Board of Education and administration to review the community information and priorities identified. District goals and performance indicators will be developed to determine future actions. 

B. A transportation safety request by Nebraska Department of Roads concerning the use of railway crossing at 141st and 148th streets in Waverly.

C. The budget calendar for 2013-14. 

The Board discussed upcoming meetings and activities.

The February Board of Education meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

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District Update January 8, 2013

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