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Making a College Choice

February 26, 2010


Making a college choice can be difficult.  You should begin by identifying what your reasons are for going to college.  The following questions should be considered:
      *What do you hope to gain?
      * What learning opportunities do you need?
      *What are your goals?
      *What are your career ambitions?
      *How will college help you achieve these goals and ambitions?

The next step is to relate these goals to factors you can use as you search for colleges that meet your needs.  Factors to consider are:
         1) TYPE OF COLLEGE
            a) Two- or four-year college
            b) Residential or commuter
            c) Large or small
            d) College or university

          2) LOCATION
            a) What area(s) of the country can you realistically consider?  
            b) What about the relationship between location and costs?  
            c) Are specific interests and goals tied to a specific location?  

            a) What are the application procedures?
                  --What tests are required?
                  --Are there any deadlines?
                  --What high school course preparation is needed?
            b) Are you eligible for admissions?
            c) What academic demands can you expect to find?  

         4) COSTS
            a) How much will it cost?
            b) What type of financial aid is available?
            c) How do you apply for financial aid?

             a) Does the school offer the major you want?
             b) If you are undecided, does the school offer
               you the chance to explore
               areas of your interest?  
             c) Does the school have any type of internship program?  

         6) SOCIAL LIFE
               a) What is the campus atmosphere like?  
               b) What extracurricular activities are available?  

Then develop a list of colleges to consider and form a complete picture of each college.  After making comparisons, select the best overall situation for you.  

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