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51acc58be95c3 Hamlow Elementary Second Grade students learn about the importance of trees.
Hamlow Elementary Second Grade students learn about the importance of trees.

District News Update June 5, 2013

School is out for summer! Throughout the school year students encountered success in academics and activities. Thank you to students, staff, parents, and community for another great year!

This District Update includes:

1. Nebraska State Writing results for grades 4, 8, and 11 (NeSA - W).

2. Hamlow Elementary heating and cooling project.

3. Update regarding Waverly High School moisture remediation that occurred during this school year.

4. June 2013 Board of Education Meeting

State Writing Score Results

The scores for each building and school district were publicly released on Nebraska Department of Education website May 24, 2013. Our students scored substantially better than the state averages! The state raised the level of minimum expectations for writing last year, because many districts, including us, were at the 98% proficient level or higher. After examining our writing data three years ago, we decided we needed to strengthen our writing curriculum and professional development for teachers. The 2013 data shows the changes we have implemented are making a difference regarding student achievement.

At the elementary level, 57% of our students meet the standards and 21% exceeded (78% total). Statewide averages were 52% meeting and 16% exceeding (68% total).

At the middle school, 40% of our students meet the standards and 46% exceeded (86% total).  Statewide averages were 43% meeting and 24% exceeding (67% total).

At the high school, 61% of our students meet the standards and 20% exceeded (81% total).  Statewide averages were 42% meeting and 26% exceeding (68% total).

Individual student results will not be allowed to be released until next fall. We are pleased with the results but recognize there is still improvement to be made. Visit the NDE website for additional details. Congratulations to our students and staff for their success!

June 2013 Board of Education Meeting

The Board of Education met on June 5, 2013. 

No presentations were scheduled for June. Click on the reports listed below to learn about each school building.

Waverly Middle School - 6th Grade High Ability Learner Presentations

Technology department reports on use of "E-books" for students.

Eagle Elementary reflects on instructional strategies for reading.

Waverly High School prepares leadership activities for ninth grade students.

Waverly Intermediate School faculty discuss school improvement.

The superintendent reported on state financial aid after changes were made to the school funding formula. We will receive a decrease in state aid of $131,697 for 2013-14. Results from statewide writing were shared, with our students scoring significantly higher than the state average. The Foundation for Education was recognized for hosting its annual golf tournament to raise funds to support our district.

Multiple committee reports were received from Building/Grounds/Transportation, Planning and Development, Performance and Assessment, and the Policy Committee.  

It was reported that Hamlow Elementary project to convert the facility to geo-thermal heating and cooling is progressing. A small mechanical room addition on the southeast side of the building is nearing completion. Electrical wiring upgrades have started, and wells will begin to be drilled directly to the east of the school. This project was undertaken due to the need to replace roof-top units at the school. Students attending the Viking Discovery Summer Program will be at the Intermediate School due to the construction.

The Board action included:

1. Acceptance of resignations and hiring of personnel. 

2. Approval to expend $160,000 from this year's budget to purchase language arts curriculum resource materials for grades K-5. A committee of teachers and administrators were involved in the selection process to find resource materials that matches our approach to instruction. Language materials for grades 6-12 will be purchased from 2013-14 budget.

3.  Approval of the District 145 Essential Learnings for Students. This document was developed by District 145 staff, and was shared with community and parent stakeholder groups as part of the district accreditation process. All student lessons and activities should support the pursuit of these skills and characteristics. This is what we want all students to be able to demonstrate by their high school graduation.

4. Approval of board policies regarding bylaws for the Board of Education.

5. Approved additional contract day for WMS Assistant Principal for the summer due to a transition period prior to the new WMS contract start date.

The board discussed the EFIS at Waverly High School, and the need to re-coat the exterior as a maintenance item. It was discussed whether or not a better, long term solution could occur rather than spend $200,000 every 10-15 years for EFIS. District funding for this project was discussed, as there are other essential needs regarding roofing, skylights, and safety/security. 

The board discussed reconvening the School/Community Partnership for Essential Planning group to share progress and to gain additional comments regarding the updated facilty plan.

The board discussed the PPACA (federal health care law) and its implications. The superintendent provided a recommendation to provide health insurance for most employee positions that currently meet federal regulations, and adjusting the work schedule of some employees that are not currently offered health insurance. The board will consider action regarding PPACA in July.

The strategic planning process was discussed, along with membership the Greater Nebraska Schools Association, and future meetings and activities were determined.

The July Board of Education meeting will be held on Monday, July 1, 2013.

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51acc58be95c3Community partners together to plant trees in School District 145
Community partners together to plant trees in School District 145

Waverly High School Moisture Remediation

Over the past couple of years, our district has taken steps to remediate issues caused by moisture at Waverly High School. The remediation included removal and replacement of drywall and insulation in multiple classrooms during the summer of 2012, and the replacement of exterior windows in effected classrooms during the first semester of this school year.  Air quality tests were conducted at Waverly High School this spring as a follow-up to ensure that our remediation efforts have been successful.

During the past year, we have utilized consultants to advise, guide, and assess the high school physical environment. On April 23, 2013 AQS Environmental, Inc. (AQS) conducted a limited air quality assessment at Waverly High School. They conducted fungal air sampling at selected locations throughout the building to identify and assess airborne fungal spore concentrations present in the indoor environment.

Fungal spore-trap air samples were collected from representative interior and exterior locations to identify, quantify and evaluate fungal spore types and concentrations in the indoor environment. An exterior sample was taken, and interior samples were taken in classrooms that had undergone remediation, and samples were also taken in the the main gym, and the auditorium.

AQS concluded that the results did not indicate the presence of elevated airborne fungal spore. Bioaerosol sampling results indicated the following:

1. Total fungal spore concentrations were found to be lower at the interior area sample locations compared to the exterior area sample location.

2. Analytical results were qualitatively similar between the various interior area and exterior area sample locations.

3. Air sampling results did not indicate the presence of elevated fungal spore concentrations at the interior area sample locations.

In other words, the tests demonstrate that the air quality is well within the normal range at Waverly High School, and any spores found inside the building are at levels far below the sample collected from outside the building.

We wanted to share with our staff, parents, and patrons that we have continued to monitor the quality of the school environment, and will do so as necessary in the future.

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District News Update June 5, 2013

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