CPP - Chromebook Protection Plan

School District 145 offers an annual protection plan available for purchase for parents/guardians/students. Enrollment in the protection plan discounts the amount owed for loss or damage to the device pursuant to the device’s Schedule of Repairs and Fines. This annual coverage begins upon receipt of the payment and is for one school calendar year. The Chromebook Protection Plan fee is non-refundable. Enrollment into the plan is due Aug 30th or 2 weeks after enrollment in the district. If enrollment in the school district occurs in semester 2 then the participation cost will be reduced 50%. Enrollment in the school district protection plan costs $20 per device per school year ($10 for each device per school year if qualified for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program).

Please see this form to enroll. CPP - Chromebook Protection Plan Form

Please see this document for the charges for repairs with and without the protection plan. CPP - Schedule of Repairs and Fines