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2019 WHS Local Scholarship Winners

May 15, 2019


The student must bring to the Counseling Office by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 30, 2019 the following:

1.     The thank you letter along with stamps for the envelopes (do not place stamps on the envelopes, as some scholarships are internal) that will be sent to the scholarship donor(s).  Donor addresses will be available in the Counseling Office.  The Counseling Office will place the thank you note in the outgoing mail.  Two thank you notes are required if you win the Kimberly Dreier and/or Waverly Science Club scholarships.

2.     Acceptance letter from the college indicated on the Parent Report (or if available, a print out of his/her 1st semester courses) verifying college enrollment.

3.     The student will need to provide his/her newly assigned College Student ID# and/or the last four digits of his/her Social Security number to ensure the scholarship is applied to the correct student by the institution.

4.     The student’s signature is required prior to the check being issued.  Parent signatures are NOT accepted.  If the student does not sign for the scholarship award(s) and/or does not provide the above information by 12:00 p.m.  on Thursday, May 30, 2019 he/she will forfeit the scholarship award(s).  If he/she does not attend college in the fall, the scholarship is forfeited as well.

Checks will be cut to the college or university ONLY, following graduation.  The check will be mailed directly to the student’s college or university.  All requirements above must be met in order for the check to be mailed.

Students should contact their college’s financial aid office to confirm that the scholarship money has been applied to their tuition or other college expenses, as determined by the college.

Local Scholarships 2019 Name Amount
Adkisson Family Memorial Scholarship In Memory of Ken Sr & Lucy Adkisson* Tyza Hoos $20
Adkisson Family Memorial Scholarship In Memory of Ken Sr & Lucy Adkisson* Trent Weatherwax $20
Billy Schuelke Agricultural Scholarship* Brianna Gable $500
Billy Schuelke Agricultural Scholarship* Logan Schuelke $500
Bruce Sedivy Scholarship* Carli Ellis $100
Eagle Coyote Club Scholarship* Kayla Blake $200
Eagle Coyote Club Scholarship* Brianna Gable $200
Eagle Coyote Club Scholarship* Tessa Johnson $200
Eagle Coyote Club Scholarship* Breanna Knickerbocker $200
Eagle PTE Scholarship* Cade McKibben $500
Eagle PTE Scholarship* Sierra St.Clair $500
Eagle Random Acts of Kindness Scholarship* Christina Akinshev $220
Gary Fulmer Scholarship* Brianna Gable $250
Hamlow/Intermediate PTO Scholarship* Lizabeth Larsen $250
Hamlow/Intermediate PTO Scholarship* Mickayla Larsen $250
Harger CPA Group PC Scholarship* Averie Lambrecht $100
Harry W Bell Memorial Scholarship* David Delahoyde $500
Harry W Bell Memorial Scholarship* Sierra Sander $1,000
Horizon Bank Scholarship* Harrison Martindale $500
Horizon Bank Scholarship* Andrew Moylan $500
Industrial Services Scholarship* Marianna Buchholz $500
Jean Westland Memorial Scholarship* Mariana Goettemoeller $200
John Lawler Dedication* Kaitlyn Group $200
John Lawler Dedication* Mickayla Larsen $200
John Lawler Dedication* Justin Rathbone $200
John Lawler Dedication* Halle Schawang $200
John Lawler Dedication* Sawyer Schroder $200
Lloyd & Shirley Bevans Scholarship* Valerie Gerlach $200
Lloyd & Shirley Bevans Scholarship* Olivia Kreikemeier $200
Maag Dedication Scholarship* David Delahoyde $250
Maag Dedication Scholarship* Tessa Johnson $250
Nebraska Community Blood Bank FBLA Scholarship* Garrett Schliep $260
Nebraska Community Blood Bank FBLA Scholarship* Analiese Wiedenbeck $260
Nebraska Community Blood Bank Student Council Scholarship* Rolf Kloch $285
Nebraska Community Blood Bank Student Council Scholarship* Garrett Schliep $285
Papa Tom Scholarship* Samantha Ochsner $500
Peterson Family Scholarship* Brianna Gable $500
Roper and Sons Memorial* Sadie Mrsny $250
Ryan Smith Memorial* Cole Strong $500
Teammates Scholarship in Memory of Larry Malick* Kyle Goodban $500
Tom and Mary Jane Mocroft - Waverly Kiwanis* Josie Fanning $1,000
Tom and Mary Jane Mocroft - Waverly Kiwanis* Mary Conway $1,000
Tracy Family/Tracys Collision Center* Oktober Cooper $500
Trevor W Underwood Memorial* Adam Razey $500
VFW Post #9875 Voice of Democracy* Brianna Gable $500
VFW Post #9875 Voice of Democracy* Ryan Etheridge $300
Victoria Schuler Memorial Scholarship* Mariana Goettemoeller $500
Viking Speech Scholarship* Benjamin Armatys $50
Viking Speech Scholarship* Carli Ellis $125
Viking Speech Scholarship* Garrett Schliep $125
Warren Bevans Scholarship* Anastacia Paitz $500
Waverly Art Scholarship* Tyza Hoos $100
Waverly Art Scholarship* Trent Weatherwax $100
Waverly Athletic Booster Club Scholarship* Abigail Clarke $200
Waverly Athletic Booster Club Scholarship* Alexandra Danson $200
Waverly Athletic Booster Club Scholarship* Alexander Murray $200
Waverly Athletic Booster Club Scholarship* Sydni Schernikau $200
Waverly Chamber of Commerce Scholarship* Sierra Sander $500
Waverly Chamber of Commerce Scholarship* Analiese Wiedenbeck $500
Waverly Dare to Share Community Service Scholarship* Brianna Gable $500
Waverly Faculty/Schmidt Family Scholarship* Zoe Cole $200
Waverly FBLA Scholarship* Sierra Sander $150
Waverly FCCLA Scholarship* Brianna Gable $200
Waverly Global Voices Scholarship* Baylor Brandon $100
Waverly Global Voices Scholarship* Jillian Dicke $100
Waverly Grange #369* Brianna Gable $400
Waverly Grange #369* Mackenzie Post $400
Waverly NHS Scholarship* Abigail Clarke $100
Waverly NHS Scholarship* Halle Schawang $100
Waverly SADD Scholarship* Tessa Johnson $250
Waverly SADD Scholarship* Sydni Schernikau $250
Waverly Science Club Scholarship* David Delahoyde $250
Waverly Science Club Scholarship* Chloe Welling $250
Waverly Spanish Club Scholarship* Sandra Martinez $300
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Abigail Clarke $200
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Mary Conway $225
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Alexander Murray $125
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Drew Nagengast $75
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Mackenzie Post $350
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Sydni Schernikau $125
Waverly Student Council Scholarship* Analiese Wiedenbeck $300
Waverly Theatre Scholarship* Carli Ellis $500
Waverly Theatre Scholarship* Mariana Goettemoeller $250
Waverly Theatre Scholarship* Kyle Goodban $250
Waverly Theatre Scholarship* Sean Hummel $250
Waverly Theatre Scholarship* Olivia Kreikemeier $250
Waverly Tractor Supply Scholarship* Brianna Gable $500
Waverly Tractor Supply Scholarship* Anastacia Paitz $500
Waverly U-Save Pharmacy* MacKenzie Conklin $100
Waverly U-Save Pharmacy* Ashley Radenslaben $100
Waverly WEA - 4-Year / Academic Transfer Scholarship* Kennedy VanScoy $300
Waverly WEA - Education Major Scholarship* Carter Prang $300
Waverly WEA - Non 4-year Degree Scholarship* Marianna Buchholz $200
Waverly WEA - Non 4-year Degree Scholarship* Sydney Greunke $200
Waverly Wrestling Club* Kaleb Canoyer $500
William Fahleson Scholarship* Brianna Gable $100



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