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District 145 - Waverly: Curriculum Toolbox Teams

by Scott Blum

Welcome to the Curriculum Toolbox Team site!  On this page you are able to view job descriptions, goals, and responsibilities for each toolbox group.  If you are interested in participating on a committee, the team member application will be made available for you to open, type your responses, and e-mail to the Director of Learning when each committee's application process is open.


The District 145 Curriculum Toolbox: 

Curriculum Toolbox Co-Chair: Description, Goals, Responsibilities

Curriculum Toolbox Team Member: Description, Goals, Responsibilities


District Essentials Toolbox Team

Ann Rieker, Megan Flohr, Cara Piper, Kim Webster, Mary Zach, Allen Osborn, Christine Sears, Brook Ruhter, Leah Wilcox, Kellie Milleson, Brad Doering, Mallory Gregory, Aaron Jones, Jason Boitnott, Kelly Verkamp, Blake Tobey, Dan Jensen, Pam Wendel, Mark Robles, Christy Scott


K-12 Special Education Toolbox Team

Becky Schroeder, Stacy Buescher, Cara Piper, Nicki Markut, Stephanie Jones, Wendy Boitnott, Angie Cobelens, Jen Baumeister, Ashley Hellige, Delanie McMillan


K-12 Language Arts Toolbox Team

Caitlin Callahan, Toni Bloch, Cara Piper, Kim Webster, Ann Rieker, Missy Schere, Amanda Micek, Sara Schuster, Ashley Hellige, Christine Sears, Karly Barada, Dana Dalton, Frankie Reinwald, Mary Zach, Melissa Kasuske, Tina Kreikemeier, Lisa Beeson, Michael Cobelens, Emily Finley, Madison Jones, Susan Stake, Chree Hopkins, Brittany Hying, Erin Konecky, Megan Flohr


K-12 Math Toolbox Team

Jen Baumeister, Trish Sabin, Nicole McIntire, Terese Brown, Amanda Micek, Staci Ronhovde, Marci Sorenson, Karly Barada, Sara Renken, Roxane Micek, Gabby Shamkhi, Michael Cobelens, Leah Wilcox, Christin Sutter, Kellie Milleson, Virginia Roehrig, John Cockerill, Christy Scott


K-12 Social Studies Toolbox Team

Kim Webster, Jill Young, Amanda Micek, Annetta Davidson, Brent Bogner, Kirk Vance, Stacy Buescher, Daryl Poppe, Brittany Barnes, Dan Jensen


K-12 Integration of Technology Toolbox Team    

Sara Schuster, Tammi Peterman, Roxane Micek, Sarah Zolinski, Marci Sorenson, Toni Bloch, Angie Konen, Missy Schere, Heather Manning, Ann Vrana, Nicki Markut, Brad Doering, Leah Wilcox, Kellie Milleson, Kelly Bielenberg, Joel Fritz, Dan Jensen, Mark Robles, Adam Bauman


K-12 Science Toolbox Team

Caitlin Callahan, Jen Baumeister, Jenny Wyatt, Ann Rieker, Michelle Dutton, Terese Brown, Brandi Martin, Marci Sorenson, Teresa Hruska, Karly Barada, Frankie Reinwald, Sarah Zolinski, Val Hill, Leah Wilcox, Kellie Milleson, Tim Wiseman, Gary Brown, John Cockerill, Pam Wendel, Mark Robles


High Ability Learning/Gifted Education Toolbox Team

Tammi Peterman, Laura Allen, Ashley Hergott, Brook Ruhter, Ann Vrana, Amanda Hellerich, Ruth Schmidt, Kelly Bielenberg, Jason Boitnott, Kelly Verkamp, Megan Myers


The Visual and Performing Arts Toolbox Team

Elliot Crouch, Emily Berry, Rachel Kornfeld, Blake Tobey, Amanda Bultman, Amanda Hellerich, Ken Adkisson, Jim Kucera, Brady Rohlfs


PE and Health Toolbox Team

Allen Osborn, Andrea Schmeekle, Craig Thewke, Dan Davenport, Anthony Harms, Creighton Pearse, Makenzie Lee


Career and Technical Education Toolbox Team

Nick Herrington, Brad Doering, Mallory Gregory, Aaron Jones, Kristine Spath, Tara Bohaboj, Ruth Schmidt, Kelly Verkamp, Jason Boitnott, Blake Tobey


Counseling Toolbox Team

Ashley Hergott, Brook Ruhter, Laura Allen, Ruth Schmidt, Kelly Verkamp, Jason Boitnott


Media Toolbox Team

Heather Manning, Tammi Peterman, Ann Vrana, Kelly Bielenberg







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