Drop-off/Pick-up Diagram for WIS

Note: We will continue to follow the procedures below for the 2020-2021 school year with the following adjustments.

  • 3rd grade students will enter/exit at the main entrance.

  • 4th & 5th grade students will enter/exit at the east end of the building.

  • Students walking or riding bikes to school will use their assigned entrance.  Bikes should still be parked in the bike racks on the southwest side of the building.

  • Bus students will be dropped off at the west parking lot and walk to their designated entrance.

  • Any students arriving to school after 8:30am will enter at the main entrance.

  • To ensure their safety, any students that need to cross the parking lot during pick-up will need to use the crosswalk outside the main entrance to cross the parking lot.  A staff member will be there to cross students.

  • Click HERE to watch a video of our arrival & dismissal procedures.


The main parking lot (north side) will be used for student drop-off and pick-up.  To help you navigate the main parking lot and ensure the safety of our students, please review the following information and the attached diagram.  The diagram contains a lot of information.

  • If you arrive prior to dismissal time (3:30pm), please park in one of the stalls reserved for parents/guardians identified in the diagram below, rather than parking in the pick-up lane.  This will help reduce congestion we typically experience at the west entrance off of Heywood Street.

  • The entrances to the parking lot are located on both ends.  The west entrance is located just west of the school sign.  The east end serves as an entrance and an exit and is usually less congested.  Please note that the exit is a one-way turn to 148th Street (right turn ONLY).

  • As you round the first curve, one lane turns into two and is divided by a painted white line.  The right lane is reserved for student drop-off/pick-up.  The left lane is intended for thru traffic.  To keep students safe, please have them exit vehicles on the right side (building side) only, as vehicles may be passing on the left.  If this isn't possible, it would be safest to park in a stall before having your child exit the vehicle.

  • The drop-off/pick-up lane was designed to accommodate the stacking of 18 vehicles.  To help alleviate congestion at the entrance and Heywood Street when using this lane, please pull up as far as you are able.  Please do not park outside of the painted lines for the pick-up lane.  Doing so blocks the left passing lane and causes traffic to backup onto Heywood Street.

  • Drop students off in front of the main entrance.  Follow the flow of traffic illustrated on the diagram below.  

  • Parking stalls along the sidewalks are reserved for student pick-up.  This will allow students to access cars safely from a sidewalk in most cases.

  • You may re-enter the drop-off/pick-up lane next to the small island of trees on the west end of the parking lot.

  • The west parking lot is reserved for bus drivers and some school personnel (i.e. maintenance, Central Office employees, delivery drivers, etc.).