District #145 School Closing Information

Inclement weather may result in closing, delayed opening or early dismissal of district schools. If the weather is threatening please tune in to any of the following media contacts. In addition, some of the TV stations provide the opportunity for e-mail or text message notification direct to your computer or mobile phone. At minimum the media will provide up to date school closing information on their web site or on air. Please remember that when inclement weather exists, it is not always easy to make contact with all the media contacts. It is recommended that you use several media contacts.

Radio Stations
    KFOR (1240)
    KFRX (106.3)
    KLIN (1400)
    92.9 The Eagle
    104.1 The Blaze

Television Stations
    WOWT (6) - Omaha
    KETV (7) - Omaha
    KLKN TV (8) - Lincoln
    KOLN TV (10/11) - Lincoln


District 145 will send notifications to you by phone, via e-mail or text regarding school closing information.  For more information, click here.