LIFE Program

School District 145 – LIFE Program

“Learning Independently For Everyone”

The mission of School District #145 LIFE Program is to empower all students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to meet the challenges of our changing world. The LIFE Program will provide individualized alternative learning opportunities for students at risk of not completing school. This program will be a place to learn and develop personally and academically.

All students have a right to a free appropriate education and when offered the appropriate setting, can experience educational success. The traditional educational model does not provide the right environment for some students. The curriculum in the LIFE Program will be individualized for the students, as well as, meet State and District standards.
All educational planning will be facilitated with the support and cooperation of the student, family, community, and educational staff.

The academic program offers career-oriented programs in science, social studies, math, and English. Social, life, and job skills training are also emphasized.

● Students who have dropped out of school
● Students who have exhausted educational opportunities
● Students whose individual instructional pacing does not fit the traditional means
of instructional delivery
● Students whose educational success is in part dependent on nonacademic support
(Ex: flex scheduling, intensive counseling, child care…)
● Students whose talents significantly exceed their performance

● Increased proficiency in basic skills
● Increased standardized test scores
● Increased career exploration and vocational training
● Increased skills in conflict resolution
● Increased student self-confidence
● Increased student attendance
● Increased number of graduates

Updated: 1/23/2024