Please read entire page before completing a request as there are several options.

2025 Graduates:
After the start of your Senior Year, you will request transcripts though the Transcript Request Google form in Naviance. Click HERE for instructions on how to get to the form through Naviance. Please visit the "Seniors" section on the counseling home page for more information.

Past Students/Graduates:
Click below to download a Transcript Request in pdf format.
Transcript Request

Nebraska Wesleyan Online Transcript Request:

Southeast Community College Transcript Request:
SCC Transcript Request

Transfer Nebraska:

Transcripts will be compiled and mailed at the end of the school week.  A signed release will need to be on file for the transcript to be sent.  The form must be fully complete for the request to be fulfilled.

Please return completed requests via fax, mail, or e-mail to:
Kari Pagles
Waverly High School
PO Box 426
Waverly NE  68462
Phone:  402-786-2765 x 2208
Fax:  402-313-3277

Updated: 9/15/2023