Testing & Entrance Information


1) ACT--American College Test 2) Accuplacer--Southeast Community College's computer adaptive placement test 3) SAT--Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I) 4) ASSET--Advising Students for Success and Effectiveness in Technology


ACT  (Please see the ACT link for cost, deadlines, and other important information) Covers the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.  Sub-scores are given for each area as well as a composite score.  The composite score is used by some colleges for entrance acceptance.   Check each individual college's website through Nebraska Career Connections to see what score is accepted at the college(s) of your choice.  

The ACT test is recommended by many Midwestern colleges and universities and is required by many 4-year institutions.  UNO, UNK, and UNL Regents Scholarships are awarded based upon ACT scores.  

Students register in advance for the test.  They are encouraged to register online at www.actstudent.org

Included with registration materials is a profile in which the student answers many questions.  Students will need a copy of their transcript (which they can request from the counseling secretary) and a credit card to pay online.  

ACT will send score reports to any college the student desires.  The first four colleges are included as part of the basic fee.  Additional colleges require an additional fee.  ACT includes helpful information about each college in the report sent to the student.  This information includes how the student's scores compare to the typical student attending that college, and a prediction of the number of chances in ten that the student has to be successful at that college.  It is to the student's advantage to send to three or four colleges.  


The test is given at various sites in Lincoln.  Many Waverly students take the test at Lincoln East.  Registration will allow you to pick a Lincoln school site.  

Accuplacer Accuplacer is Southeast Community College's computer adaptive placement test.  It measures skills in reading, English, and mathematics.  Accuplacer helps determine your placement in Southeast Community College courses.  There is very little pressure as there is no time limit.  The computer selects questions for you on the basis of your answers to previous questions.  Click below for additional information.

Information about the test and the SCC Testing Center can be found here:

Accuplacer Information


SAT The SAT has the REASONING TEST and the SUBJECT TESTS.  The SAT Reasoning test is required by many East and West coast colleges as well as by many selective colleges.  Students must register in advance with Educational Testing Services (ETS).  Students are encouraged to apply online at www.collegeboard.com    This test is comprised of a verbal section, math section, and writing section.  

Results will be sent to a student's desired colleges.  The first four college reports are included free.  The report the student receives includes the student's percentile rank compared to enrolled freshmen for each of the colleges picked.  

The SAT Reasoning test is given on Saturday mornings, generally from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  

The SAT SUBJECTS TESTS are administered at the same time as the Reasoning test; however, a student CANNOT take both tests on the same day.  In other words, if you are taking both the Reasoning Test and a Subject Test or Tests, you will be using two Saturdays to do so.  NOTE: You can take up to three Subject Tests on the same day.   

The Subjects Test areas include literature, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, US history, world history, and languages with listening or reading only.  These Tests are often used by prestigious colleges as a way to further screen--or discriminate between--applicants.  Students can choose which subject tests based on their strengths or what colleges recommend.  

ASSET The ASSET program is an ACT-developed educational advising, course placement, and retention planning toll designed specifically to serve students entering two-year academic institutions.  It is used by community colleges and many technical schools to assess a student's reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  ASSET tests are commonly given after a student applies for admission to a college and before a student begins taking classes.  


Who:  Taken by some Juniors and Sophomores

Date:  Wednesday, October 12, 2021 (National Testing Day)

Time:  8:40 a.m.

Fee:  $18 (subject to change) make checks payable to School District #145

Deadline to register and pay in the counseling office:  September 15, 2021