Board of Education Agenda and Minutes

The District 145 - Waverly Board of Education has been using an online program offered through the Nebraska Association of School Boards. The eMeetings program allows the Board to conduct paperless board meetings. This program is online, so the public will also be able click on the following link to see agendas for upcoming meetings and review past meetings and minutes:

In accordance with Public Meeting Laws, reasonable advanced public notice shall be given for all  board meetings. Notice will be posted in all school buildings and will include meeting place, time, and date and a statement that the agenda, which shall be kept continually current, shall be readily available for public inspection at the School District 145 Central Office, located at 14511 Heywood, Waverly NE.
*Regular School Board meetings will be held the first Monday of each month, unless otherwise posted.

The Board of Education is able to conduct business more effectively with this electronic system.  It improves communication with the public, allows documents to be archived and more easily searched, it reduces printing and delivery expense, and saves personnel time to prepare for each board meeting.