Google Apps

Here is our list of approved D145 Google Chrome Extensions/Apps for Students.  (Students are restricted to this allowed list.) 


Support and Tutorials:

Links to Google help files for:

Note: School District 145 is supporting/deploying the following apps within the Google Apps for Education products:

  • Mail

  • Drive (Including Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentation, Forms, Drawing, and many templates)

  • Calendar and tasks (Note: You can make multiple calendars to share to different groups and individuals.)

  • Groups

  • YouTube and YouTube Channels for teachers

  • Contacts

  • Tasks

  • Sites

  • Google+ --including Hangouts(Talk/Chat included) Photos and more.

  • Blogger

  • Google Classroom

  • Google Keep

  • Google Jamboard

  • Google Books

  • Google Earth

  • Google Photos

  • Google Maps