District Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  By May 2024, 80% of students will demonstrate proficiency on local and state academic assessments.

Included in this goal would be vertically aligning curriculum, developing an assessment system that includes common assessments, proposing a staff development model that includes time, focus and structure for developing teacher practice and implementing a collaboration model to support professional learning communities, including a defined process and time to support collaboration.

Goal 2:  By 2022 School District 145 will enact a comprehensive, multi-year Master Facilities Plan.

Included in this goal is creating a process for maintaining existing facilities, projecting how future student growth impacts our facilities, preparing facility plans based on enrollment and delivery of instruction, creating budgets and option timelines and communication of plans to the board of education and community.

Goal 3:  By 2023, School District 145 will implement systems and services that supports staff and students socially, emotionally and behaviorally.

Included in this goal would be to establish a multidisciplinary K-12 team to implement systems that support staff and students social, emotionally and behaviorally, integrating social emotional learning/social emotional wellness PK-12 instructional practices into classrooms, establish systems of support and partnerships for staff and students and develop a long term plan to ensure ongoing professional development in SEL and SEW/Mental health for all faculty and staff.

Goal 4:  By 2023, School District 145 will implement a comprehensive technology plan.

Included in this goal would be to define the use of technology for classroom instruction, evaluate student data utilizing a comprehensive information system to support student learning, provide the necessary infrastructure, hardware and staff to continuously support technology in the district and utilizing technology for the safety and security of staff and students.

Goal 5:  By May 2022, Implement a District 145 Instructional Model.

Included in this goal would be that District 145 would adopt an instructional model to define and describe expectations for classroom practice across the district, build the knowledge and understanding of the instructional model through ongoing professional development and leadership development and to integrate the instructional model into the evaluation and appraisal process

Goal 6:  By 2022, District 145 will implement an inclusive communications plan.

Included in this goal would be to establish an effective communication plan with internal audiences to improve communication and engagement, establishing an effective communication plan with external audiences to develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships and to utilize a variety of media to maximize awareness and support of the district's goals, objectives and programs.